COVID Relief Cookie Sale

Sweeten your summer AND support your newest neighbors by choosing from this menu of delicious treats.


Cookie Menu

Afghan Sheer Pria
Made by Farida
A fudge-like Afghan sweet gets its delicious flavor from
condensed milk, almonds, walnuts, and traditional spices. 

Made by Wasan (of Babylonian Baklava)
Layers of filo and chopped pistachios, accented
with cardamom and held together with sweet syrup. 

Date Mahmoul
Made by Sahar
Beautifully formed, buttery cookie with a sweet date filling.

Made by Sahar
Crunchy cookie that is delicately thin,
with a strong pistachio and sesame flavor.

Made by Suhad
Light, buttery, vanilla shortbread cookies with
a delicious crunch, adorned with an almond.

Made by Suhad
A plump dumpling made of a pancake-like dough stuffed with
nuts, fried to crunchy, golden perfection, then doused in sweet syrup. 

Kurat Jawz Al Hind
Made by Ghalia
Lighter than a traditional macaroon, these delicate
coconut balls are a unique take on a classic dessert.


Small Mixed Box- includes all 7 unique cookies above- $14

Large Mixed Box- includes 15 cookies- 2 of each with a bonus baklava - $28

Individual Boxes: 5 pieces of any cookie above for $10

Order: Please place your orders between August 12th-14th before 5pm!

Pickup: Your order will be available for pickup on Tuesday August 18th, from 10-2pm. Your treats will be waiting for you at the Soft Landing Office. Please wear a mask when you come to pick up your cookies. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange delivery because of COVID concerns, please send an email to

939 Stephens Avenue
Suite C
Missoula, MT 59801