UWE@home is a weekly take-out dinner with a rotating crew of refugee and immigrant chefs. Our chefs are so happy to share their culture with you via their culinary traditions.

Here's how it works: Every Thursday at 9am, we'll announce that ordering is live via an email to United We Eat supporters. Order your food, then pick up your delicious meal the following Tuesday between 4:30-6:30pm at First United Methodist Church (300 E Main St). 

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2022 Fall Cooking Schedule:

December 15th - Syrian food / Cookie sale this week!
Happy Holidays!


Menu of the Week 

Sorry! We are all sold out for the year. We will be back in February with more delicious meals! If you ordered Chef Shadia's food, you can pick up your meals next Tuesday between 4:30-6:30pm at the First United Methodist Church. Thank you for your support of United We Eat!


Week 35
Cooked by Chef Shadia from Syria

Meat Entree: Fasulia Bi Lahmeh
A warming soup with beef chunks and white beans in a rich tomato broth. Served with vermicelli rice for you to spoon the soup over, and an arugula side salad with radish, cucumber, onion, tomato, parsley and a lemony dressing.

Vegetarian Entree: Addis bi Husram
GF, Vegan
Try this hearty red lentil and rice stew with swiss chard, parsley, garlic, and lemon. Garnished with fresh radishes and green onions, served with flatbread and arugula side salad.

Combo Plate:
Does it all sound like something you don’t want to miss? Try a combo plate, which includes Fasulia bi lahma and vermicelli rice, Addis bi Husram, bread, and a side arugula salad.

Eggplant Mutabbal
A creamy dip of roasted eggplant, yogurt, tahini, garlic, and lemon.
Served with flatbread and carrot and celery sticks, it’s a hearty appetizer for two. 

Roz bi Halib - GF
Rice pudding flavored with orange blossom water and rose water,
garnished with coconut and pistachio