It's that time of year!  Time to gather around tables full of family, friends, and food to show our thanks and gratitude. This year, bring a little something extra special to the table by sharing desserts lovingly made by refugees and immigrants here in Missoula, MT. Our chefs are offering traditional specialty treats from their home countries, guaranteed to bring a unique flavor and culture to your own holiday traditions. 

This will be our final sale of the year and we have decided to do it in-person "Market" style. Thursday Dec 19th from 4-8pm at Good Works Place (129 W Alder St), you will have the chance to come and shop for all of your special holiday dessert needs (or just a snack for you- why not?!?). Mix and match, try something new or come just for what you know you love! The same 9 chefs that participated in our November sale will be there with all of their delicious goodies.  This will be a cash sale and all proceeds go directly to the participating chefs. Come on out and show them some love!


We are so excited to have finished such a successful pilot program with our United We Eat @home weekly meal pick up program this past summer and can’t wait to start up again in 2020!

In the meantime, be sure to sign up for emails so you are in the loop for any announcements when we start up again!