2023 United We Eat Fund

Donate to the 2023 United We Eat Fund! 

As with all Soft Landing Missoula programs, refugee and immigrant chefs who work with United We Eat benefit from knowing their families are welcome, valued, and embraced here. We pay chefs well for their work, offering them the opportunity to support their families. Plus, we’re a place where chefs can start working to achieve their dreams and aspirations beyond the kitchen. 

United We Eat is possible because friends like you contribute time and financial resources.

This is why we come to you once a year to invite you to support this incredibly special and delicious program. 

There are so many ways we collectively benefit from United We Eat:

  • We get to eat delicious, culturally diverse food that can be hard to come by in Missoula.
  • We learn from the generosity, hospitality and unique beauty of each chef’s culture, which connects us to a broader world beyond our own. 
  • We have opportunities to broaden our ideas about self, family and community when we learn from our chefs about the ways they see and experience the world.
  • We work together to create a stronger community where welcome is the culture and food is the vehicle for changemaking.

Your contribution today helps keep United We Eat cooking for another year. From renting the kitchen to helping cover staff wages to purchasing ingredients, your gift makes a difference.   

Donate today! The first $15,000 raised by September 30 will be matched  dollar-for-dollar by two wonderful United We Eat fans! 

Chefs prepare momos, Tibetan dumplings.